Graphic Designing

Nam at libero et felis


Maitri is one of the largest companies inthe field of manufacturing of Traditional Indian Garments with clients spread across India and across globe where Indian diaspora resides. We had created a brochure for the company's exhibition where the target audience were B2B clients and the brochure had to give the impression as the right supplier.

Unihunt Consulting

Unihunt Consulting is in the services of providing manpower to varied large corporations across the globe. The company had to reach the larger audience to make them understand their varied range of services and why Unihunt Consulting is the best recruitment partners. The brochure was also used as E-brochures for connecting with the target audience.

Wood n Stone Crafts

Wood n Stone Crafts is in the business of creation of Handmade Stone and Wooden artifacts. The brochure was created for the global market where the company participated in an International Exhibition. The brochure had details of their work samples, their manufacturing process, their authenticity about hand work and their supply and ordering queries.

M 24x7

M24x7 is a unique mobile application that tracks the human resource of the company out on the field and automates the reports of the traveling of the executives of the company. The brochure was a simple single fold brochure that higlighted the important features of the mobile app and the benefits to the various sectors.