Identity Creation

Creating your Brand


Brainbow has a unique concept where the client had the concept of using the brain and the seven colours of rainbow and a eighth colour as a special talent to be added to the brain part. After a lot of iterations this logo was created that symbolizes the power of brain and the colours of rainbow in a very simple yet striking abstract depiction. The name Brainbow is written from the colour Gradient Grey to Orange, which stands for brain (grey cells) and power (orange for the rising sun). The logo has now become the symbol of the entire business for the client. We have also done the other creatives for the client including their visiting cards, letter heads, brochures, etc.


Aura is the latest entrant in the men's fashion industry and the logo had to be distinct and easy to remember. The shades from Blue to Green is the metaphor for the men who are rooted to the ground (green) and still touch the sky (blue).

Sun Real Estate

Sun Real Estate is an Australia based real estate broking company. The challenge for the logo was to have a logo that is easy to remember and also has the elements of the business and the name and the color combination has to be standardised for all creatives so that the brand identity can be created for long term remembrance. We created the logo that was finalised by the client and the color combination has the effect and color of rising sun that shows the company's philosophy of giving the best options to their clients.

108 Sanjeevani

108 Sanjeevani is a unique project that is based on the idea of providing proper health guidance to the masses. The logo has the elements of helping and also the element of giving right information. The name that we conceived was 108 Sanjeevani where 108 stands for Medical Emergency and Sanjeevani is the mythological herb that cures everything. And the logo has the element of hands and can be also seen as a leaf of Sanjeevani.