Identity Creation

Creating your Brand


Intervessel is into the business of manpower hiring for cruise industry. We had created a logo that can be attribute to a ship and the person who is happy because of the right opportunity to work candidate's get through the company. So the combination of name in clear letters, abstract ship design and a satisfied work force which led to the creation and selection of the design.

Lead to Win

Lead to Win is a book about Leadership and the book has the potential of transforming you from nobody to the awed leader. The logo indicates this in the best possible manner where we have shown the pawn of the Chess getting converted into a King. The book is based on the philosophy that everybody has a king hidden inside which can be uncovered by proper guidance and motivation.

North South Forum

The logo for North South Forum - a business conclave held in Morocco - had to be simple with the clear mandate that it should look good on all creative designs and have a high recall value. Hence the design which was created had clear fonts and the 3 arcs stood for the business opportunities between 3 continents stalwarts : America, Europe & Africa.

NPA Source is the largest portal in India related to the Non Performing Assets data of banks. The logo is simple where we highlighted NPA (Non performing assets) and source so that the name strikes and the color is Red highlighting that its time to take action against the NPA and the portal can help the financial institutions in achieving that.


Staff Inter is a leading placement company in USA. The logo signifies the 360 degree services provided by the company in staffing and the service with a smile concept.