Web Development

51 Shaktipeeth

51 ShaktiPeeth, Ambaji is a Gujarat Government project. There are 51 Shakti Peeth Temples across Indian Sub-Continent, which can now be visited in one place at Ambaji, where the miniatures have been constructed. Major challenge for creating their website was the time duration i.e a week's time was given and during that week the website was up and running with all the details as per the client's wishes.

C P Trivedi

For over 50 years Shri Chandulal P. Trivedi had nurtured and raised the rich tradition of Temple Construction and Mediaeval Arts. Today Mr. Bhargav C. Trivedi has carved his own niche among the temple architects of India. The website benefited them to showcase all their works at one place. It was one big information sharing base for them.

Kandoi Sweets

Kandoi has been known for their customer loyalty from through generation. By launching the website of Kandoi it brought the customer one step closer. They started accepting online orders from all over the world in order to reach their customer worldwide. Brand name has strengthened locally as well and people have been able to connect to the roots again.

Maitri TexFab

Maitri Texfab is an online shopping website for Indian Ladies Wear. It showcases a huge variety of Indian Suits of females and there prices. It is now one majorly used website for shopping suits for female.