Affiliate Marketing

Dezine Brainz’s affiliate marketing services are aimed at aiding merchants showcase their products/services online in an impressive fashion. Our affiliate marketing experts create a robust strategy which helps greater ROI, lead generation and business growth in due course of time.

You can count on us for simplified affiliate marketing programs tailor-made to suit your business needs. We focus on advertising your products and services on the right platforms and through right channels that fetch you results.

Affiliate Marketing Solutions, Dezine Brainz Offers


Cost per action (CPA) basis

Cost per action can be described as the affiliate getting the pre-determined percentage as soon as the deal is closed.


Cost per click (CPC) basis

In cost per click (CPC) basis, the publisher gets paid by the advertiser for every click on the advert.


Cost per lead (CPL) basis

Aimed at generating more leads, in CPL affiliates are paid for every lead generated.


Cost per mile (CPM)

Also, known as cost per thousand impressions, this one requires CPM inventory to be bought and publisher gets paid for every one thousand impressions.

Why Choose Dezine Brainz For Affiliate Marketing Solutions?

Affiliate marketing and advtertising experts at Dezine Brainz are adept at creating advertising plans and strategies aimed at increasing sales, branding and traffic to your website which generates ROI in future. We make the optimum utlization technology to fetch desired results.

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