Website & Social Media Management
Photo Orange ( The Storyteller’s Companion)

Photo Orange (A venture of Shree Printwell Offset Pvt. Ltd.) is photobooks manufacturing and marketing company with a client base present across India. The brand believes that every storyteller has a unique way of presenting his/her story and their clients use their photobooks to tell the story of their creativity and passion.


Website Design

The Challenge:

When Photo Orange approached us, it was facing huge competition from its competitors.The brand had a substantial recall value but this recall value was not able to generate online sales. We also learnt that the audience engagement is low and website bounce rate is quite high. Being their strategic and creative business solutions partner, our responsibility was to enhance their online presence on digital and social grounds ,engage target audience, and increase their sales.


The Execution

To do this we did several online campaigns to promote their products and offers in order to achieve the online sales target. We created a series of campaigns (Raining Discounts Offer), where we created the hype before the launch of offer without letting know the end target prospect what the offer actually is. We kept the element of surprise intact.


The Impact

As a result, the sales target acheived was 3x times more than what was expected in a quarter. Reach and audience engagement was increased by more than 600% and 225% respectively. Our client were extremely happy with the end result and increased their overall online advertising budget by 40%.

We now define our social media strategy with Photo Orange through a mix of direct-sell campaigns/ offer campaigns, new product as well as topical social media posts based on current events.

The content created for Photo Orange is thus both action-oriented (website click as call to action), as well as engagement oriented (through contests, quizzes, etc) As their Graphic design agency, we also design all the promotional elements for them, be it E mailers, promotional cards, creative ads etc.