About Us

Dezine Brainz provides conceptual, functional and presentational development for the global business community through out-of-the-box web strategy, design and technology solutions. Dezine Brainz is proven, global software, internet consulting and development agency helping clients to create and implement full-service digital business solutions.

Dezine Brainz has custom solutions for a diverse array of industries including Education, Government, Travel, Financial and Insurance, Publications, Multi Level Marketing, Human Resource, Telecommunications, Retail, Software and Electronics, among others. This extensive background demonstrates our understanding of business principles that apply across industries, as well as the ability and initiative to understand problems and solutions that apply to specific companies.

Business Model

A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value (economic, social, cultural, or other forms of value). The process of business model construction is part of the business strategy.

Dezine Brainz is an IT solutions providing company and hence, follows multiple strategies, operational processes and policies that consist of a flawless business model specially carved out for its offshore clients.

Dezine Brainz defines its Business Model under following model blocks:

  • Project-based solutions
  • Hire dedicated developer based solutions
  • Value propositions
  • Our target customer segments
  • Customer relationship
  • Core capabilities

Why Dezine Brainz



We never stop improving our services, including development methodologies, engineering practices, management techniques and QA standards to enhance our team's capabilities and increase customer satisfaction.


Vertical and Domain Expertise

Our rich business domain experience enables us to speak the same language with clients and understand their business needs easily. Our knowledge stretches from application design, development and integration to operating key processes. This knowledge base and experience help us save client's precious time and deliver the right solution for every specific situation.


Technology Competence

Our unique competence in various technologies enables us to deliver integrated, scalable, robust solutions with the optimal cost/performance ratio. Our Tech Lab constantly conducts research on new technology products to meet the ever-growing customer needs.


On-Site Co-ordination

Our devoted project co-ordinators are responsible for daily management of communication between client and project team.

Our Strengths


While retaining competitive rates we never compromise the quality of our services. A dedicated quality assurance department monitors project activities at all development phases & guarantees high quality results.


Highly definitive processes and incorporated teams. Larger development work-sets are broken into smaller modules that can be developed in parallel by multiple teams and integrated to reduce development time.


Easy Communication

We understand that effective communication is crucial for the success of any project. We establish a productive customer communication environment providing all required resources. All our employees who are engaged in communication with customers speak fluent English.

Delivering Business Value

Delivering exceptional business value to clients is the primary goal of Dezine Brainz. This requires more than just focusing on the software development process. This way we can offer our clients technology solutions that add real value to their business. It's simple – we understand that our success is measured by the success of our clients.